About Us


In every organisation, you find different people, with different skills and abilities, with different challenges and different approaches to work.

Delivering through a partnership, whether that be multi-agency, multi-professional or inter-departmental, offers significant benefits as well as challenges. Mike Leaf, a director at Turning Over Ltd, has many years experience of collaborative working, developing and delivering through partnerships particularly in public health development and quality improvement. Fundamental to the success of these collaborations has been how to motivate people.

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Our People

We work closely with other agencies, associates, networks and collaborations who share our values.

Our Values

Our values are our core beliefs, guiding and unifying our actions and behaviours.

At Turning Over we believe that:

  • People are the most important asset that a company, business or organisation has.
  • All people have talents and the ability to learn and develop.
  • People have the ability to become more confident, efficient and effective.
  • People will contribute more if they are interested in what they do.
  • People have the potential to perform at a high level if they believe in their abilities.
  • More can be achieved when you work with others.

Turning Over operates an Associate model

Turning Over operates an Associate model. It works closely with other agencies, associates, networks and collaborations to deliver a wide range of services that need multi agency/ multi-professional approaches.