If you work for the public or third sectors, whether that be health, social care, transport, or emergency services etc, your fundamental goal is to improve the lives of those people that you serve. We offer a range of services that will support your needs.

Partnership & Collaboration

More can be achieved when you work with others, and this is one of Turning Over’s fundamental principles and primary area of focus. Working in partnership and collaboration, whether that is with team members or other professionals, reaps greater rewards than working in isolation.

We can help you with:
  • Developing governance and oversight processes for partnerships
  • Establishing, developing and leading multi-agency partnerships
  • Turning around ineffective partnerships
  • Reviewing and rationalising existing partnerships
  • Providing leadership to existing or new inter-agency partnerships
  • Partner engagement
  • Change management
  • Facilitating and shaping multi-agency/ multi-professional initiatives
Strategy, Policy Development & Delivery

With extensive experience working across the NHS, local government and the third sector, we can support you with:

  • Developing and delivering multi-agency / multi-professional initiatives
  • A wide range of health and wellbeing strategies
  • Developing policy and governance frameworks
  • Child death review processes
  • Workforce policies
  • Managing change
People Development & Service Improvement

People are the most important asset that a company, business or organisation has. We have significant experience in coaching and mentoring, quality improvement methodologies and leadership development/ integration of multi-agency programmes.

We can support you with:
  • Developing and improving individuals, teams and partnerships
  • Quality improvement initiatives
  • Leadership development
  • Health improvement programmes
  • Restructuring and rationalising business functions
  • Managing change
  • Executive and Team Coaching
Population Health & Wellbeing

We have extensive experience and expertise in this field. As a former director of public health within the NHS and a director of health improvement in local government, we fully understand the public sector landscape, opportunities and challenges.

We can support you with:
  • Developing health strategies
  • Developing policy and delivery frameworks
  • Integrating child death review processes to establish regional governance
  • Developing elements of a national resource on Health Coaching
  • Rationalising and restructured teams
  • Delivering health improvement programmes
  • Instigating health coaching programmes
  • Restructuring operational functions

Establish An Online Presence

Working with organisations has highlighted the importance of good communication and networking. With an in-house designer we offer a web design and hosting service to private, public and third sectors.

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